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About us



We created  this sanctuary for people to resource their soul and reconnect with the nature. Becoming the writer and protagonist of their new story .


We are a private retreat center , offering an experience in the abundant subtropical jungle of Nayarit, Mexico .

The center is located in Las Lomas, 10 minutes north from San Pancho and 15 minutes walking to the coast where the Jungle meets the ocean.

Our philosophy is to open  a safe space, a vortex to journey deep into your self  while cohabiting with the environment, the animals and the plants. To truly experience the essence of nature as an ally.

In this light, we intentionally create with nature ,the constructions and placement of each stone and plant .

It is our gift and we appreciate the gift of your conscious presence.


                                               WHO WE ARE

French expatriates, family of 4,  we have lived in Mexico for more than 20 years. After taking a few laps in the Pacific with our sailboat, we decided to live on the Nayarit coast. Creators, self-taught designers, in love with nature, we built our home in the jungle 15 minutes from a beautiful beach. Enjoying the jungle and at the same time our passion for the sea.


We offer the space to step away from the things that shape your daily life and provide the opportunity to connect with yourself and the story that you need to tell.  

HALIKSAI was the usual beginning when a native Hopi

would tell a story, meaning “once upon a time" in English .

"Coming alone at a retreat and sharing a room can be challenging at first, but we assure you that it results being a special self empowering experience. An experience where we realize that sharing a daily life with an unknown sister and brother become very inspiring, transformative and supportive, adding a new sense of perception in your life ."  Elsa & Tuti

Contact us

Haliksai, Las Lomas, Nayarit Mexico

+52 322 146 1300

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