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"Intuitive energy work , craneo sacral therapy , vibrations tuning fork, fascia body work , breathing , hand touch. A hold safe space to allow the patient body and mind to relax .
Help release emotional trace on fascia tissue to create space for the more deeper trauma to erase .
As soon as issues take form , we can begin to observe it and

manipulate it to transform its negative aspect into a power .
My philosophy is that what ever lived experience good or bad from our view;

take form in the light and the shadow , from there we can begin to reset those traumas

in a different space in our body / mind map setting .
Dissolving neurosis memory that s provoques mental and physical disorders ,

breaking cristalize memory’s / traumas in the physical body and access-to the sutil body,
And clean the natural energetic path into us , allowing our water to flow .
We have all the responses and tools to heal in ourself , opening the path to liberate our knowledge .
Being aware that there is no separation between our body / mind and the external world."


True Nature

-Mar & Shane-

Haliksai, in collaboration with True Nature are offering tailored and curated personal and group retreats and gatherings, according to your specific needs and desires.

Shane and Mar, the founders of True Nature, work with intention to bring nature, connection, healing and integration together into a fully felt and embodied experience that promotes lasting change and transformation. They are stewards of earth based medicines and practices, combining medicine and an array of therapeutic and holistic tools and offerings. When we remember in the power of our True Nature, we can start the journey back to authenticity and joy.

The cornerstone of the work, True Nature and the collective they support is based on four key principles. These principles are integrity, respect, reverence and intentionality. Through these pillars a firm foundation and structure is created that directs each and every action of the service they offer.

Bungalows, Retreats, retreatcenter, nayarit, mexico

Together Shane and Mar represent the masculine and feminine in a way that makes others feel seen, safe and held. Through this partnership of energy a unique flow and mutual understanding of what it means to serve, hold space and accompany individuals through their own process is brought forth. This beautiful dance of polarities helps hold balance, accountability and provides an added sense of security for those with specific traumas related to a certain gender. Meeting every person where they are, without imposing belief systems they use the power of ritual and the connection with Nature as a fundamental part of their offering.

By making themselves available for participants to share, to question, to purge, to be heard and to be seen we build safety and trust. Only when humans feel safe and accepted is there full permission to grow and heal. Ever humble students of life and all it has to offer, Mar and Shane continue to work on themselves, to learn, to share and seek guidance whenever needed.

When medicine is combined with intention, thorough preparation and integration, experiences are able to be embodied into lasting and meaningful change in our everyday lives and the world around us. True Nature is the space beyond the constructs of the mind that reunites us with the rhythm and connection to the heart and the earth.

Bungalows, Retreats, retreatcenter, nayarit, mexico

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Haliksai, Las Lomas, Nayarit Mexico

+52 322 146 1300

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